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Elena Kaiser LCPC ATR BC

For more than two decades I’ve created a warm and inviting setting to help children, adolescents,  adults and families tackle a range of issues. Using a combination of traditional and progressive therapies, I work closely with my clients to restore a true sense of healing and balance.

My goal goes beyond helping my clients to regain confidence through therapy by showing them how they can access their own inner resources — a powerful tool for life.

And since no two people are alike, I draw on a range of integrative techniques, from art and play therapy, to mindfulness, EMDR, and brain science.

My art background is my launch pad. It’s a gateway — a non-verbal access to deep-seated emotions when talking isn’t getting to the heart of the matter. And when art isn’t the right approach, I use a combination of integrative, progressive therapies to tackle the issue at hand.

- Elena Kaiser


Through her professional competency, genuine talent, and authentic humanness, I learned how to start living a new kind of life

By the time I started working with Elena I had been in psychotherapy for almost 20 years. I had an understanding of the origins of my depression and anxiety but I was stuck; I was still using unhealthy coping mechanisms to tolerate discomfort and navigate my life, rather unsuccessfully. Elena began guiding my process of healing using visual imagery, EMDR and art therapy. Through integrating these tools and experiences, my brain began to change. I developed new neural pathways which allowed me to consider and experience alternative thoughts and emotions regarding my past, present and future. My nervous system calmed, and for the first time in decades I became more grounded and detached from the familiar emotional angst. She showed me what else was possible, how it felt, and how to access it. Of note, my growth wasn't a smooth, linear path. A series of life events got the best of me and I took a nosedive into darkness. It was during this time that Elena's compassion and patience became as essential to my healing as the tools we had been using. Through her professional competency, genuine talent, and authentic humanness, I learned how to start living a new kind of life with stability and peace, most of the time. There are no words that can thoroughly express the gratitude I have for my work with Elena. She facilitated the change in my noggin. She altered my course of existence from darkness to light. I'm aware that unpredictable, uncontrollable, and painful circumstances are unavoidable, and I can't guarantee I'll meet each one with the grace and strength I hope to, but I'm not afraid anymore. And that's a miracle.

Left no stone unturned while finding ways to help

Elena was my son's therapist for 2 1/2years. Words cannot do justice to describe that involvement, concern, love, determination that she put into helping him work through the trauma he had been through. She was so considerate of our unique family dynamics, always somehow made therapy available at times that may not have been the most convenient for her, but worked for us. I do not believe that Elena left a stone unturned looking for ways to help our son and our family. She did EMDR, art therapy, took him for walks with a dog, spent incredible amounts of time and energy just talking, emailing, and texting the parents to discuss progress, problems and options. I do not think we would have to make it without the support she gave us. Elena is no longer my son's therapist, but this was not because of our choice; it is because of her selfless devotion that she wanted him to get more help and try other approaches to help him continue to recover, but she continues to keep in touch asking how he is. He wasn't just a patient to her. He mattered to her and our family mattered. I am deeply indebted to her.

Thank you so much!

I learned how to cope with my fear and anxiety, not only with animals, but in everyday life. I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I am right now without the support of my family and friends. Though most importantly, I wouldn't have been able to get this far without my therapist who tremendously helped me. Thank you so much!

I can't imagine having gotten through my teenage years without her

Elena was my therapist for around 6 years. I was counseled by her at at time of the worst depression of my life. I can't imagine having gotten through my teenage years without her. It's been six years since our counseling and I still think of how constructive and influential our conversations and sessions were for my life. Elena helped me process and effectively deal with difficult family dynamics that have been made clear for me to this day. With EMDR, mindfulness, and expressive art making I came out of my depression with clarity and positive long lasting life changes. I still keep in touch with Elena and consider her an important mentor in my life.

I can't thank you enough for the work we did together!

It is truly invaluable to me and has made me capable of more than I ever anticipated. Thank you thank you for helping me get to this point in which I'm excited about the unknowns that lie ahead.

Nonjudgmental and Unconditional Acceptance

My work with Elena was short, but powerful. I came to Elena a couple of months prior to moving out of the Chicagoland area with a strong feeling that something was trapped, locked inside of me. I had been experiencing a desire to express myself creatively, and yet I had no idea how to access my own creative energy. By our second session Elena had established a safe space for me to begin to connect with my own creative expression. She helped me work with some very painful emotional blocks from childhood, blocks that had paralyzed me from trusting my own creative process. After a few more sessions I found myself sitting next to Elena at her art table hungry for more time to collage, to draw, to use colors as a way of connecting with my inner experience. Elena's nonjudgmental stance and unconditional acceptance allowed me to establish a relationship with art that I had been longing for. She held space that allowed me to quiet my inner critic long enough for my heart expand and my voice to emerge through art. The most beautiful aspect of this transformation was that after our short time working together I am now able to continue my dialogue with my creative self. Hundreds of miles away, I find myself far less afraid to pick up art supplies and be with myself, with my creativity.

Elena - my appointment today was so profound.

I felt such a deep sense of peace when I had that epiphany. And I still feel it. I can’t thank you enough for seeing me and letting me experience so much emotional processing with no judgment. Your ability to accept what I experience and all my inner conflicts is extraordinary. 🧡🧡🧡 I love looking at my new art pieces, which are perched on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. S.S

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During the Covid pandemic, I will be providing therapy services on a HIPAA- compliant telehealth video platform