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Elena Kaiser LCPC ATR

For more than three decades I’ve created a warm and inviting setting to help children, adolescents, adults and families tackle a range of issues. Using a combination of traditional and progressive therapies, I work closely with my clients to restore a true sense of healing and balance.

My goal goes beyond helping my clients to regain confidence through therapy by showing them how they can access their own inner resources — a powerful tool for life.

And since no two people are alike, I draw on a range of integrative techniques, from art and play therapy, to mindfulness, EMDR, and brain science.


Affiliated with PDA North America​

Elena is affiliated with advocating for individuals with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), a recognized autistic profile in the United States. PDA individuals exhibit avoidance of everyday demands, driven by a need for autonomy. They often have a highly sensitive nervous system, leading to heightened anxiety and a strong threat response. Despite their autistic traits, PDA individuals may not receive adequate recognition and support. Elena’s affiliation suggests her involvement in raising awareness and advocating for understanding and support for PDA individuals.

My art background is my launch pad. It’s a gateway — a non-verbal access to deep-seated emotions when talking isn’t getting to the heart of the matter. And when art isn’t the right approach, I use a combination of integrative, progressive therapies to tackle the issue at hand.


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During the Covid pandemic, I will be providing therapy services on a HIPAA- compliant telehealth video platform

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