Working Within the Borders

The human brain contains millions of neurotransmitters and grey matter.  The brain is the motherboard of information highways.  Unfortunately, boulders and debris plunge into the highways from time to time.  They take root, impact transportation, and become a part of the system if not uprooted.

A child’s psychological development can be dependent on environmental factors that in which cause interruptions in brain activity.  Over time, the interruptions eventually become an engraved pattern, affecting the ability to think, act, and conduct daily activities.  Inconsistency would be a way to describe the disorder known as ADHD.  If these symptoms are not faced, new thought patterns are not adopted and executed; ADHD will carry over into adulthood.  The practice of self-awareness will aide in altering learned thought patterns.  Once new patterns are introduced, it is possible to stimulate a neurological change that will dismantle the boulders lurking on the information highway.