There is this inherit need for Mindfulness – or complete consciousness, compassion and understanding which in turn has positive effects on your mental health. A good way to focus on this type of practice is to think of it as complete attention to what’s going on around you. The article by Larry Yang in Huffington Post “Now More Than Ever We Need Mindfulness” http://tinyurl.com/MindfulnessKaiser he eloquently shares the benefits compared to freedom. This is entirely true and essential for the mental health growth and repair of the human brain. There is a balance that needs to take place, with mindfulness between your conscious state and your psychologist overview. The healing process can be much more defined and directed when the patient and therapist create this relationship. Focusing on your interpersonal development can be life changing and contagious to others – it has been referred to as the third wave of psychology. My practice is the ultimate place for growth of mindfulness behavior –